It's more than a gift card, it's a connection

Who we are

It's our vision to make you a gift-giving hero.  We want to make it easier to give a thoughtful gift so someone feels loved and appreciated.


11.11.2019: Launched!

The idea of started the day Reaf Marketing opened--14 years ago. In the incentive industry, no one sold merchandise with gift cards in one package but yet they complement each other perfectly. Fast forward to Christmas 2018, her relatives all requested gift cards and that holiday turned into gift card exchange.  “Merry’s your gift card.  Oh, one for me, too.” So generic. Not a lot of thought. BUT..we all love gift cards. This inspired It was time to curate gift card boxes for busy people like me who also wanted to gift a gift card in a more thoughtful way.  We also added personalization to hundreds of gift cards that can be printed from home, texted or emailed to your friends and family.