1. Pay it Forward with Random Acts of Kindness and Gift Cards

    Make the world a kinder place, bring a smile to someone’s face or entirely change someone’s day by practicing Random Acts of Kindness.  This can be a fun activity with your family or group of friends-especially around the holidays. $5-$10 gift cards are a great way to say thank you.  It puts a smile on everyone's face.
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  2. Easy Halloween Treat Gift Card Bags

    I love Fall and I love Halloween! Halloween is a time to get creative with your decorations, costumes, and your gift-giving.  We found this easy and cute idea from Creative Party Ideas by Cheryl.  You can make this a fun project with your kids and make your own face on the bag. 

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  3. Just Because Gifts Printable

    Whether it’s your special someone, a friend, or family sometimes you like to give a gift Just Because.  The reason doesn’t matter, but the person who receives the gift will definitely have a better day.  We found this cute printable to go with your Just Because gift from Somewhat  We hope you ENJOY! 

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  4. So Blue Without You- College Gift Card Box

    Are you feeling BLUE now that your college kid is back at school?  I know I am and was looking for something fun to send.  I’ve seen a few different versions of the Blue without You care package on Pinterest, but decided to put a gift card spin on it.   Because, let’s face it, a college kids’ favorite things to get are GIFT CARDS!    

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  5. A Gift for Dad, that’s Not Another Tie

    It’s time to give dad something he will really love.  We found this fun idea for a Father’s Day shirt gift card holder from Artful AdventuresIt’s quick… it’s easy… and the perfect personal touch for dad’s gift.  Whether you have a sporty dad, a fix-it dad or a stylin’ dad there is a gift card for every dad to enjoy! 


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  6. It’s Hot and I’m Boorrreed! Summer Fun with Gift Cards.

    Summer is the perfect time to try something new.  Surprise your familyfriends or special someone with a Summer Bucket List… gift card style.  As you do each Bucket List item take pictures and fill your frame for a great keepsake. 

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  7. More Than Just an Envelope for Dad’s Gift Card

    Father’s Day is a week away.  Maybe you have the perfect gift card for dad or grandpa but want something unique to hold it.  We found this clever idea from The Centsible Life to reuse and repurpose old jeans turning them into a great gift card holder for dad. 
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  8. Best Teacher Gift for End of the Year

    Summer will be here before you know it.  If you’re like me I’ve been busy planning my summer calendar, filling it with camps, trips and outings with/for the kids.  With so much going on and looking forward to summer, don’t forget to let your 

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  9. How to Personalize your Graduate’s Gift Card

    HOORAY for the Graduate in your life!   

    Thank you to our friends at Live Well Travel Often  for this easy DIY idea for a gift card holder.    

    This is a great way to add a special touch to any gift card you give.  You can easily modify this idea for any gifting occasion, just change the word: THANKS for an end of year teacher gift or CONGRATS for a wedding. 


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  10. Top DIY Mother’s Day Gift Idea

    Spring has sprung and flowers are in bloom. What better Mom’s Day gift than a gift card bouquet. Here’s an easy to make, DIY project for Dad and the kids or Mom and this kids for Grandma from our friends at SippyCupMom.  Check out their cute idea, then purchase your gift cards from We suggest using $5 or $10 gift cards from our favorite retailers and restaurants: 


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