Buy Gift Cards FAQ

What it is

How it works

What it is

What is an eGift gift card?

An eGift gift card is an electronic card (eGift card), as opposed to a traditional plastic gift card, and can be purchased from a brand’s website or Facebook page and used on a brand’s website or at any participating retail location.

What is the difference between eGift card, an electronic gift card, a virtual gift certificate, and a digital gift card?

eGift cards, electronic gift cards, digital gift cards and virtual gift certificates are all the same and can be purchased from a brand's website and used on a brand’s website or at any participating brand location.

What are the advantages of sending an eGift card over sending a conventional plastic card?

Some advantages to using eGift cards including the instant gratification and convenience of purchasing and using the gift card. If you need to deliver a gift card quickly, an eGift gift card is the way to go. You can typically add a personal audio or text message and a photo to your gift card to make it extra special. Plastic cards allow you to present a gift to the recipient. For many, it’s also easier to store and not loose in your email box. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

Are there any fees associated with purchasing an eGift card?

Each brand is different but most brands do not charge a delivery or handling fee for eGift cards.

Do gift cards expire?

Most brand cards do not have an expiration date or fees. However, since every brand is different, please refer to their specific terms and conditions found on each brand’s page prior to purchasing their card.

How it works

How do I use my eGift card?

Once you have received your email or mobile phone notification, you can view your digital card by clicking the "Get your eGift card here" button.

This process varies by brand. However, to use your gift card at a brand location, simply click the "Print your gift card" button. Please be sure your printer is switched on and connected to your computer. Once your gift card has been printed, it can be used at any participating location.

To use your gift card for an online purchase, simply enter the identification number during the check-out process.

How can I change the value of my eGift card or cancel the transaction?

Be careful when you’re ordering because card transactions are normally final (check terms and conditions of brand prior to purchase). If you want to increase the gift card value, then you need to purchase another card.

Can I send myself an eGift or physical gift card since I want to give them to my friends, colleagues, and family?

Yes, you can send yourself any type of gift card. When purchasing eGift cards, simply enter your information on the "Recipient Information" page. Once you receive the eGift card via email, you can either forward it to others or print it then share it. For physical gift cards, enter your physical location and the gift card will be mailed to your address.

How will the recipient know that I sent them an eGift card?

The recipient of the eGift card will receive an email and mobile notification (if you selected this option) indicating that an eGift card has been sent to them. These notifications include any personal messages and images you added during the gift card purchase process.

How will I know that the recipient opened their eGift card?

You will receive an email notification when the recipient opens the email containing their eGift card. You can also track the status of the gift card by entering your confirmation number and email address. This process might vary slightly by brand.

How long does it take for an eGift card to reach the recipient?

All gift cards purchased are subject to credit card and security processing. This typically occurs within 20 minutes however it could take up to 24 hours. If cards are not received within 24 hours please contact our customer support.

Can I schedule an eGift card to be delivered at a future date and time?

This is a very popular feature if you want your gift card to arrive at that very special moment. eGift cards can be delivered immediately (subject to credit card and security processing time) or at any future date and time.

Where can the plastic and eGift cards be used?

You need to check the terms and conditions for each brand which is located on their website but in general, they are good at most stores/restaurants in the US and on the company website.

Can gift cards be redeemed for cash?

Gift cards cannot beredeemedforcash,unlesswhererequired by law.

Can I buy different brand gift cards in one visit?

Yes, there is nolimittotheamountofaddressesthatcan be shipped to in a single order.

When will I receive my gift cards?

When you receive your plastic gift cardswillbedependonthe shipping methodchosen. We offer - USPS, Federal Express Ground and 2nd Day. As for the eGift cards, the gift will be sent immediately and will be received shortly after. If you or your recipient does not receive your gift cards, please log into your account to resend the email or request a replacement gift card.

How do I activate my card(s) once I receive them?

Make sure to check the brand’s website for details on that brand but in general, the gift cards will arrive activated and ready for use.

How much is shipping?

For plastic/physical gift cards, standard shipping is free. If you’d like your gift card to arrive sooner, there is a fee for expedited shipping.

How do I redeem the gift card?

Go to the store or website for the brand purchased

How many gift cards can I use in one purchase?

You can use multiple gift cards of the same brand on a single purchase.


The recipient never received my gift card. How can I resend it?

To resend your gift card, enter the email address and confirmation number, then select the "Track" button. Once your gift card appears, select the "Send" button. Enter the appropriate email address and select "Submit." Your gift card has now been resent.

I didn't want to send an eGift card, I wanted to send a plastic one. How can I send a plastic gift card?

Unfortunately, we are unable to convert an eGift card to a plastic one. The eGift card can be sent to you for printing and forwarding, the same way you would forward a plastic card. Remember that eGift cards can sometimes be personalized with audio, images, and text messages which make it a truly unique gift.

I inadvertently deleted my eGift card before I could use it. How do I request a replacement?

For most brands, the purchaser of the gift card has the ability to resend your gift card using their confirmation number and email address. Please contact the purchaser and have them resend the gift card. If you are the purchaser of the gift card, please contact the brand’s support center for assistance.

I lost my eGift card print out. How do I request a replacement?

This process varies by brand but if you misplaced your digital card, click on the link in the original email to access it. If you no longer have the original email, please contact the purchaser of the gift card and have them resend it to you.

What is your return policy?

Gift cards are not returnable and cannot be redeemed or exchanged for cash (unless required by law), check, or credit. Additionally, the brand is not responsible for lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed gift cards.

I sent my eGift card to the wrong email address/mobile phone number. Can I send a plastic gift card?

First, verify that the recipient has not received the card by having them check their inbox and spam folder. After that, either contact Customer Service for the brand, or return to the email the purchaser received after completing the gift card purchase. Follow instructions on the email to track your order and resend the eGift to the appropriate email address. If you are having issues resending, please contact the brands Customer Service.

I am having problems recording an audio message. What should I do?

Please ensure that Adobe Flash is downloaded and installed on your computer and that you have access to your microphone. To ensure Adobe has permission to access your microphone, simply select the "Play" button and follow the instructions, which will allow you to record your personal audio message

I am having trouble viewing my gift card email. How can I access it?

Some email systems and browsers are set to block images and pop-ups which can prevent a recipient from receiving their gift card email. Please check your web browser settings. Also, check to ensure the pop-up blocker is temporarily disabled.

How can I check the balance of my digital card?

You can check the balance on your gift card by clicking on the “Check Balance” link at the bottom of the page.

What if the gift cards are lost or stolen?

Please treat a gift card as you would cash; the value of the lost or stolen card is typically non-refundable. Please check each brand’s terms and conditions for their policy. If your order was lost or stolen during shipment, please contact the brand and see if they can help. Telephone numbers or customer service email address is available for most brands in the support center (hyperlink to area on

I recently purchased and sent an eGift card but it has not arrived. What should I do?

Occasionally eGift cards are intercepted by spam filters; please check with the recipient to see if their gift card is in their spam or junk folders. It is also possible that the email address was incorrectly entered at the time of purchase; please check the email address you entered for the recipient.

Depending on the brand, you might also be able to resend the gift card by entering the email address and confirmation number associated with the gift card, then selecting the "Track" button. Once the gift card appears, select the "Send" button. Enter the appropriate email address and select "Submit." The gift card has now been resent. If this does not work for your brand or are having problems, contact the brand for help. We have published the customer service information for most brands on Support Center.