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Gamer Gift Inspiration: Playstation & Xbox Gift Cards for Kids

If you have an occasion like a birthday, holiday or maybe graduation for a special tween, teen or college student in your life, give them a gift they’re sure to love—a gaming gift card. Digital games are popular with kids today, whether they love to play Xbox with their friends or they game alone.

Unless you’re a gamer yourself, you might have a few questions about how to find the right gaming gift cards for kids. It’s understandably challenging, especially if you’re not familiar with the different games and platforms. Luckily, it’s never been easier to find the right gift card online in just a few clicks.

Types of Gaming Gift Cards for Kids

There are a few different types of gaming gift cards as well as game-specific gift cards. Here’s what you need to know when shopping online for egift cards.

Gaming gift cards

First, a gaming gift card is a type of gift card that redeems digital content on different gaming platforms like Xbox, Playstation, and Ninetendo. These can buy specific games, items within specific games, renew online gaming subscriptions, purchase movies, and buy Xbox or Playstation add-ons. 

Not sure what kind of gaming system they have? A BGC Card card can be redeemed for any type of gaming gift card. 

Specific game gift cards

On the other hand, game-specific egift cards are redeemable within a specific video game. These can be used on Xbox or Playstation, but you’ll want to know what console the game is on  before you make your purchase online. You can find these gift cards at Gamestop or other gaming stores. 

What Are the Best Gift Cards for Gamers?

While you’ll want to know what type of console your child uses (Playstation vs. Xbox), any of these gift card ideas below are sure to impress kids of all ages. Gaming gifts are always on-trend, and they’re a universal hit.  

Playstation or Xbox gift card code

In the gaming world, a $100 Xbox gift card code or Playstation gift card code goes a long way. A Playstation or Xbox gift card can be used to buy games, movies, digital downloads, or game-specific purchases on the Microsoft store online in Windows or the Xbox Live platform. For a serious gamer or someone just getting started, a Playstation or Xbox gift card are fantastic gifts.

If you’re on a smaller budget, a $5 Xbox gift card or $10 Playstation gift card is a lower-cost alternative that’s still plenty of fun. You can easily send an Xbox gift card code online, via email, in-person, or through text with BuyGiftCards. The Playstation and Xbox gift card codes can be redeemed on their platforms instantly. 

Playstation or Xbox game pass

For something a bit different, a Playstation or Xbox game pass is a great idea. On Playstation, you can give a 3-month or 12-month game pass to give your gamer access to online play for a specific period of time. They’ll also get a few free digital downloads each month. 

An Xbox Game Pass is similar, giving the Xbox fan access to 100s of unique games. Again, you can choose between a 1-month or multi-month subscription. Xbox Games Pass doesn’t only give players access to a wide catalogue of downloadable games. Players also get free Xbox live Gold Membership. Xbox Live codes gives players online multiplayer access to a community of thousands of other gamers across the Xbox One and Xbox Series platforms. 

Xbox Live Gold Membership eGift Card allows kids to play with their friends and others on the platform. It’s a must for most teens, tween and college gamers. It is what makes the game more fun and competitive.

Best of all? Your Playstation or Xbox gift card instant delivery purchase will be sent to your gaming recipient instantly or schedule it in for a specific delivery time. 

Twitch gift card

Many gamers don’t just play themselves. They like to support other gamers on the online video streaming platform Twitch. This is where millions of gamers come together to stream games, join competitions, and form their own communities. Whether your child is a budding Twitch streamer themselves or supports favorite creators, this is a fun way to get in on the action. 

Nintendo egift card

Lastly, a Nintendo egift card is perfect for any gamer who uses a Nintendo Switch, Wii, or Nintendo 3DS. Easily send 1,000s of games, upgrades, and in-game content to your device with this simple Nintendo gift card. 

Best Gaming Gift Cards for Kids

A gaming gift card is the best way to keep the gaming kids in your life in the action. Instead of guessing what they want for their birthday or a special holiday, give them the gift of fun with an Xbox gift card or Playstation gift card. No matter the denomination, they can instantly redeem their Playstation or Xbox gift card using an online code  for the virtual content they love.