Valentine’s Day gifts aren’t just for couples.  It’s a day to let the people close to you know you love them.

There’s no better gift than sweets and a gift card!  Here’s a cute Valentine’s Day gift idea for your husband, wife, kids of all ages or a best friend.

Vday Gift Ideas for Kids


All you need for this Valentine’s gift is:

  • Red construction paper or a color that matches the candy
  • Paper towel roll (optional)
  • Tape
  • Canister – you can pick this up at a local craft store like Michaels or online at Amazon.
  • 2 bags M & M’s  or candies such as Sweethearts, Hershey kisses, etc.)
  • Gift Card to their favorite movie, store or restaurant.
  • Ribbon



1.  Start with the paper towel roll, cut to the desired size and wrap with the red construction paper.  Trim any excess construction paper.

*If you decided to use the construction paper only. Cut your construction paper to the desired size/height, form a tube and tape where the paper overlaps.


2. Fill the bottom of your canister with about 2 inches of M & M’s.candy.


3. Place the tube inside the canister. Place your gift card inside the tube. Pick a gift card that fits your special someone. For gift card ideas, go to, click on Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her or Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him.

Dollar Shave Club for himSpaFinder for her, Chipotle for your college student, Xbox Live for your teen or tween boy, Ulta for your teen or tween girl.


4. Pour in the remaining M & M’s. Close the top of the canister. Tie with ribbon.


ENJOY! You’ve made a simply, fun, creative Valentine’s gift for your guy, girl or kids.