Gift Card Ideas for Employee Appreciation

  1. Hotel Gift Cards Can Be A Unique & Thoughtful Gift!

    Are you looking for a unique and thoughtful gift for your special someone? Want to tell then thanks for all they do or maybe just congratulations for an anniversary, work accomplishment or something else. Have you considered giving them a hotel gift card?

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  2. Unique and Practical Gifts for Nurses

    Nurses are all heart, and we all want them to know it. Finding the perfect nursing gift to say thank you, happy birthday, you’re the best, or even happy graduation can often be difficult. BGC interviewed the front line and here is what nurses really want for gifts.
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  3. The Ins and Outs of Picking Gift Cards for Employees

    It is difficult to pick out just the right gift card for the entire team. In fact, only 32% of business gifters feel confident in selecting and giving gifts according to the Business Gifting Strategy Report.  Everyone is unique and has their own interests and one branded gift card doesn’t seem to fit everyone.

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  4. Finding Unique Business Gifts for Clients and Employees

    Business gifts are important! Breakaway from the conventional gift basket and logo wear and find a gift that is truly unique for your clients and employees.

    According to the Corporate IQ Survey, the two top people that businesses buy gifts for are clients and employees. They love sending gifts for Christmas, thank you’s, recognition and let’s not forget birthdays or anniversaries. You want to make them feel appreciated and valued and not just like everyone else. But, it’s hard to find a business gift that all your clients and employees will like AND generates a memorable experience. We’ve got some tips and suggestions for you to follow.

    Personalized Business Gifts

    Business Gifting 101 includes personalizing your gift. There are different levels of personalization, and all are welcomed but the more you personalize the business gift, the better.

    Add a Personal Message

    Regardless of what you send, make sure to have a note included with the gift that has a heartfelt message. Tell your employee or client why they make a difference and why you value them. Try and add details in your message and call out specific examples. Be gone with generic messages like ‘Here’s to a great year’. A couple of extra minutes and effort really makes a difference to your client or employee.

    Customize your business gift by letting them choose

    When you do not know your recipient well, it’s tough to find a unique and cool gift that they will love and don’t already have. Coolers, koozies, speakers, headphones, pens….we all have them. A different twist to customizing your business gift is choosing a gift that allows the recipient to pick what they want. Swap gift cards, like the BGC Card, are a perfect example of this. Your employee or client is given a gift card from you but they ‘swap’ their gift card for a branded gift card from a retail

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  5. 10 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Employee Appreciation Week

    Employee Appreciation Day is right around the corner on March 6th.  Are you ready to show your employees how much you appreciate them?  The task of what to do or get them may seem daunting. But, it’s the simple little things that you, as an employer, can say and do that mean so much to your employees. 

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  6. Employee Gift Ideas: Show Gratitude Toward Your Employees in 2020

    64% of working Americans leave their jobs because they don’t feel appreciated.  How does that statistic sit with you? Pretty gut-wrenching.  In 2020, take the time to say thank you to your employees. We even have our favorite gratitude ideas for you.  Feeling appreciated matters. 

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