Looking for little ways to help others in 2022? Start by rallying the family together because these suggestions are family-friendly and a great way to teach your kids that random acts of kindness, no matter how big or small, can help people!! 


Donate Gift Cards

Donate new or partially used gift cards to charities.

Believe it or not, you can donate some of those unwanted or partially used gift cards sitting in your cabinet or wallet. It’s best to have national brands so there are locations near anyone in need. If the cards are partially used, you might want to check the balance online and write down the amount available on the gift card with a Sharpie pen.  Don’t have an unused gift card. Visit buygiftcards.com for digital gift cards that can be printed at home quickly and offers a variety of national retailers.  Organizations such as Matthew 25 ministries and St. Jude take new and partially used gift cards.  Call your favorite charity and see if they take new or partially used gift cards.


Your favorite charity doesn’t take gift cards.

Here’s an alternative for you.Charitygiftcertificates.org has an area where you can exchange your store and restaurant gift cards for a charity donation. You can pick from hundreds of trustworthy. Want to do more than just your gift card? Have a party or virtual party where your guests bring their unwanted gift cards. Another great way to collect new and partially used gift cards is to have a gift card drive. Ask the neighbors for help.  It’s a fun way to give back.  Also, you will receive a tax receipt for the entire full value or any unused balance of your card.


Need a gift soon? Think about buying a prepaid gift card that gives back.

The United Way Gift Card from American Express makes a perfect gift for your someone special.  Give a great gift while advancing helping others. 


Use a gift card to buy merchandise and then donate the merchandise.

Here’s another creative way to use gift cards.  Simply redeem your gift cards for merchandise that your charity of choice might need. Then, donate the merchandise.  There are lots of things items charities need, just look online at your favorite charity’s website. There are usually lists posted.


Buy gift cards that can be redeemed only at charities.

There is a gift card for everything. One of our favorite charity gift cards is donorschoose.org. Your gift card can help teachers with materials like books, furniture, classroom supplies, and technology. This is how it works.  You purchase the gift card and gift it to a teacher in need.  You can pick from all sorts of projects posted by teachers.  Another option is CharityChoice. Purchase a gift card, send the card and your special someone, employee or company gets to choose the charity of their choice. All the money on the card goes straight to the chosen charity.