What are the best gift cards for Mother’s Day this year? Buygiftcards recently surveyed more than 400 mothers aged 25-55 to answer this question and Mom told us...

You can’t go wrong with Amazon, Target, or Starbucks gift cards.

The Best Gift Card Brands

Where preferences usually rank high in dining, department stores and general big box store categories, survey results prove online retailers are now coveted by more than 77% of the moms. With limited shopping options this year, this probably isn’t a surprise. Big Box stores such as Target and Walmart came in second at 54%. To round out the top 3 categories, coffee gift cards such as Starbucks were preferred by 51% of moms.

Best Gift Cards For Mother's Day

Not All Moms Are The Same

If you think all moms are the same, we heard differently. Millennial Moms love their coffee cards compared to GenX Moms. It was the largest point of differentiation between categories when comparing the two generations. We also found Millennial Moms like brands they frequent like Big Box and Grocery. When comparing moms who stay at home to moms who work outside of the home, we found they don’t always act the same either. Moms that stay at home prefer gift cards to treat themselves such as clothing, beauty, and accessories. Moms who work outside of the house are looking for entertainment, travel, and sporting goods gift cards. 87% of moms with a newborn in the house want an online retailer gift card like Amazon. This is the highest preference among any type of mom.

Add A Little Something Extra

Over 70% of the moms giving gift cards plan to supplement their gift cards with additional items. Buygiftcards is the only online gift card retailer to offer curated gift card boxes that turn a simple gift card into a total gifting experience and there are options that suit every type of mom. Mother's Day offerings include:

Gardening Mom: $25 The Home Depot Gift Card, Gardening Gloves for $34.99

Toast to Mom: $25 Target Gift Card, 16oz. Stemless Wine Tumblr and Chocolates for $54.99

Mom on The Go: $25 Gap Options Gift Card, 27oz. Stainless Steel Water Bottle, Reusable Ice Sticks for $59.99

While most of us won’t be able to see Mom this Mother’s Day, let’s not lose sight of making her feel special. Be sure to send her exactly what she wants…Gift Cards…in a heart-felt personal way. Send it digitally so everyone stays safe but personalize your digital gift card with pictures and an extra special message to Mom.

What Moms Really Want For Mother's Day