Business gifts are important! Breakaway from the conventional gift basket and logo wear and find a gift that is truly unique for your clients and employees.

According to the Corporate IQ Survey, the two top people that businesses buy gifts for are clients and employees. They love sending gifts for Christmas, thank you’s, recognition and let’s not forget birthdays or anniversaries. You want to make them feel appreciated and valued and not just like everyone else. But, it’s hard to find a business gift that all your clients and employees will like AND generates a memorable experience. We’ve got some tips and suggestions for you to follow.

Personalized Business Gifts

Business Gifting 101 includes personalizing your gift. There are different levels of personalization, and all are welcomed but the more you personalize the business gift, the better.

Add a Personal Message

Regardless of what you send, make sure to have a note included with the gift that has a heartfelt message. Tell your employee or client why they make a difference and why you value them. Try and add details in your message and call out specific examples. Be gone with generic messages like ‘Here’s to a great year’. A couple of extra minutes and effort really makes a difference to your client or employee.

Customize your business gift by letting them choose

When you do not know your recipient well, it’s tough to find a unique and cool gift that they will love and don’t already have. Coolers, koozies, speakers, headphones, pens….we all have them. A different twist to customizing your business gift is choosing a gift that allows the recipient to pick what they want. Swap gift cards, like the BGC Card, are a perfect example of this. Your employee or client is given a gift card from you but they ‘swap’ their gift card for a branded gift card from a retailer such as The Home Depot, Chipotle, Outback and hundreds more that they want. There are also companies that allow you to buy a gift box that can be customized by your client or employee. The recipient receives the gift box digitally and then are instructed to pick out items for their box which will be sent to them.

Add monograms or logos

It is a nice touch to have a person’s name or initials added to their gift. Even logos added to packaging is a premium touch. Surveys have asked how satisfied people were with their business gift when they received logo items and the response was significantly less satisfied. Your number one goal with a business gift is to make them feel appreciated and valued so if you absolutely want to gift a logo item just be sensitive to how large and where the logo appears.

Top 10 Business Gifts For Clients and Employees

Now that you know it is important to pick a gift with them in mind, add a personal message and personalize your business gift with a logo on the packaging or a client’s initials or name on the gift, let us give you some unique business gift ideas.

1. Smash Chocolate with a Gift Card Inside

Smash Chocolate

Smash Chocolate $64.99. Clients and employees will smash into this ultimate chocolate experience. Our smash chocolate ball is made of dark chocolate from a local Cincinnati chocolatier and filled with mini M&Ms and a $25 gift card (other denominations available)! Our BGC Card can be swapped for over 200 gift card brands including favorites like Chipotle, Panera, Darden Restaurants, AMC, Fandango, and many many more. What could be more fun?

2. ‘You Rock’ Cement Block

Cement Brick with Gift Card

‘You Rock’ Cement Brick $64.99. It's NOT your normal gift card experience! Award employees, clients, or partners with our 'You Rock' concrete brick. They can use the hammer and safety glasses to smash their way to a $25 gift card (other denominations available), redeemable for their choice of gift cards. Over 200+ brands are available including favorites like Chipotle, Home Depot, Macy's, Grubhub, and more.

3. The Total Movie Experience

Movie Gift Card

Total Movie Experience $31.99. The movie night kits give them everything they need to enjoy a movie night in or out! The BGC card allows your giftee to choose which movie card is best for them. AMC, Fandango, Apple, Vudu, and others. Pop Secret Popcorn and 2 Movie theater candy boxes are perfect snacks to enjoy while they watch. 

4. Smart Cookie

Cookie with Gift Card

Smart Cookie $29.99. Let them know that they are one smart cookie with this delicious gift card kit. A BGC gift card gives them the opportunity to pick their favorite restaurant for dine-in or carry out. Options include Uber East, Chipotle, Panera, Olive Garden, Red Robin, and many more. Their sweet treat of 2 delicious Buskin Bakery's famous original sugar cookies from Cincinnati, OH will keep a smile on their face!

5. S’more Kit


S’more Kit $34.99. This s'more kit is a gourmet twist to a classic favorite.  Gourmet hand-crafted vanilla bean marshmallows are the center of the perfect s’more.  Top with the classic Hershey’s Chocolate Bar and sandwich with Honeymade Graham Crackers.  Finish your gift with the BGC Card. Your recipient can redeem this gift card for any of our 200+ gift card brands includes favorites like Doordash, Bath & Body Works, The Home Depot, and many more. 


There are so many choices for business gifts but it still doesn’t make it easy to pick the perfect one for everyone. Check out our business accounts and let us help you make that perfect selection. also curates boxes just for you.