There’s never a wrong time to brighten someone’s day. Whether you’re celebrating big moments or sending a small “I love you,” gift-giving keeps us connected.

Buy Gift Cards

It’s not about the dollar amount. It’s about the intent. And with unmatched ease as well as flexibility, plenty of people have come to rely on gift cards. In a digital world, digital gifts just make sense. They also open you up to a variety of benefits. Before the next time you buy gift cards online, here are eight perks and opportunities you should know about.

1. Text Gift Cards

Our hands and our phones are rarely far from each other. So what could be more convenient than texting gift cards to friends and family? You’ll have full confidence that the gift will arrive safely and on time.


2. Email Gift Cards

Just like texting, you can email gift cards directly to that special someone. It’s a great way to share your love with people who are tens, hundreds or even thousands of miles away.


3. Printable Gift Cards

Do you like the feeling of physically putting a gift in someone’s hands? We get it. But that doesn’t mean digital isn’t for you. You can skip the overpriced greeting card and print your gift card right at home. You also have the freedom to customize. All from the comforts of your home!


4.  Schedule Gift Cards

If your loved one isn’t nearby, gift-giving is often at the mercy of shipping. Will it arrive on time? Maybe. Maybe not. But here at, you are in complete control. You schedule the day and time for that gift card to be sent. There’s no more finger crossing or belated presents.


5.  Gift Card Boxes

Gift cards by themselves are fun. But what if you could spice them up? With our gift card boxes, you’re sending your loved one a little something extra. Grouped by themes, there’s a perfect box with accessories for anyone on your list.


6.  Experiential Gift Cards

Everyone loves new clothes and a great meal cooked by someone else. But often, it is gifts you can’t hold on to that create the most impact. Give the gift of experiences. From travel to indoor skydiving to concerts, you can create lasting memories.


7.  Small Gift Cards

With gift cards from the grocery store, you’re often locked into specific denominations such as $25 or $50. And, it’s difficult to find cards on the lower end. You wind up either overpaying or skip the gift altogether? Not here. You can instantly send one that’s as little as $5 or even a special number like $21.21 for a 21st birthday. These are perfect for spur of the moment or just thinking of you gifts.


8.  Personalized Gift Cards

There’s an ideal gift card out there for everyone. And personalizing the experience is the cherry on top. Here at, you get to choose how the gift card is delivered, schedule when it arrives, select an eGreeting card, write your own message, and even add a picture of your choice. It’s these little touches that turn a gift card into a connection.


So the next time you buy gift cards, don’t just send a gift. Send a virtual hug that the other person can truly feel.