Busy Moms always get it done even if it's in the nick of time. Sound familar? We have a quick and easy printable birthday card and label to make your presents look straight from Pinterest!

Step 1:

Download and print this free printable birthday card. If you have cardstock or other heavy weight paper on hand, that works best, but any paper will do!

Step 2:

Cut along the dotted line.

Cut Printable Birthday Card

Step 3:

Decide how you will use your label.  Glue or tape it to a box, create slits at the top and bottom to put a ribbon through it, or punch a hole and hang on a gift back…the choice is yours!

Glue Printable Birthday Card

Punch Printable Birthday Card

Step 4:

Fill out your card with a heartfelt message. 

Step 5:

Deliver and celebrate!  You are now a gift giving hero.

Printable Birthday Card                 Printable Birthday Card

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