This Easter, we all want to be close to our family but also safe. Why not try a virtual Easter! This is easy, fun and allows you to spend time with your loved ones—including friends and family you don’t always see on Easter!

To host a virtual Easter celebration all you need is 1) a video conference application like Zoom, 2) a few ideas for activities and 3) your family and friends. Once you have your video conference setup and guests invited, it’s time to host your virtual party! Need some fun virtual activities? We put on our creative hats, adapted some favorite Easter activities, did some web searching and came up with some fun ideas.

Virtual Easter Egg Hunt

It’s not Easter without a family Egg Hunt. Pick the version that’s right for you.

Clue Egg Hunt

Before Easter, each house must choose several places they will hide the eggs in their home/yard. The eggs must all be hidden in the same place in each family’s home. (for example, in the mailbox, in a basket full of laundry, in the freezer with the ice) Send an email to all your guests with the list of clues to find the eggs (for example, go to the place where I carry clean and dirty clothes, go to the place that is so cold water will freeze, get creative with your own clues) and choose the time for the hunt to begin. On the day of the hunt, each family should have the clue sheet printed along with a camera phone. When each egg is found take a picture of where you found the egg (include the egg in the photo), then move on to the next clue on the sheet. When all the eggs have been found send the photos to the host. The first to send all the photos of the eggs in all the correct places wins!

Photo Egg Hunt

A person from each household will need to take photos of eggs around your yard, house or neighborhood. The egg should be visible in the image but hidden in plain sight. (The egg doesn’t need to stay there, just a quick photo.) Eggs could be placed in a flower bed, on top of the mailbox, sticking out of a downspout. Collect all the images before the video call and create a word document. Share the document and let the kids zoom in to find the egg in each picture. For either the Clue Egg Hunt or the Photo Egg Hunt, the prize can be a $5-$10 gift card texted or emailed to the winners!

Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Prior to the video chat time, send a list of Easter-themed items for the families to search their homes for and take pictures when they find the items. Pictures must be texted to the host. The winner gets bragging rights and a gift card texted or emailed. Easter-themed scavenger hunt items to find/do are:

- take a picture you and a bunny

- take a picture you and a basket

- take a picture you and a chick

- take a picture you and an egg

- take a picture you and a grass

- take a picture you and a yellow flower

- a picture from a past Easter

- video the family doing the Chicken Dance

Follow the String to your Easter Surprise

This will require one person/parent from each household to help. The host can email a $5 - $10 gift card to the household representative for them to print. Each household will also need a little bag of candy and string/yarn (if you have more than more bag per house, different colored string/yarn on each bag works best so the kids don’t get confused). While the Host keeps the kids busy talking on the video conference the parent can hide the printed gift card and candy in a bag, attach the string/yarn to the bag, then run the string all over a room, basement, or outside. When all the houses are ready, turn the kids loose and let them follow string to their Easter surprise!

With a little bit of creativity, we hope you can still celebrate Easter with friends and family!