Make the world a kinder place, bring a smile to someone’s face or entirely change someone’s day by practicing Random Acts of Kindness.  This can be a fun activity with your family or group of friends-especially around the holidays. $5-$10 gift cards are a great way to say thank you.  It puts a smile on everyone's face.

We found this great printable card to accompany your Random Acts of Kindness.  Thanks Momma Diaries for the great idea.

Here are a few $5-$10 'Just Because' gift cards suggestions from . 

  • AMC 

  • Barnes & Noble 

  • Chipotle 

  • Cold Stone Creamery 

  • Domino’s 

  • Fandango 

  • HBO Now 

  • Home Depot 

  • KrispyKreme 

  • Panera