You want to stay connected with all the amazing people in your life. That’s easier said than done. 

Everyone is busy. Everyone is distracted. Everyone is spread out. One way to bridge the gap is by sending a present. Whether it’s to celebrate life’s big moments or a simple just because, there’s nothing like the right gift at the right time. Everybody loves the convenience of gift cards. But doesn’t that little rectangle feel a bit limited and dated? In an increasingly digital world, shouldn’t our gift-giving evolve, too? Absolutely.

Here are seven reasons you should ditch the plastic and instead, buy egift cards online instantly.

Buy EGift Cards

1. You Can Personalize The Experience 

With typical greeting cards, you’re limited to someone else’s design and someone else’s words. That’s not personal. With egift cards, you have the freedom to personalize the process. You can add your own picture, write a sweet message, and choose how it’s delivered. Text message? Email? Printable gift card? It’s all up to you.

2. You Can Start Small 

Most stores won’t allow you to buy physical gift cards in smaller denominations. They either require a minimum dollar amount or force you to buy a multi-pack. What if you don’t want to spend $25, $50, or $100? Egift cards give you that extra flexibility, letting you can create “just because” moments for as little as $5 or $10. You’re free to spread more love, more often.

3. You Can Send Egift Cards Instantly 

Everyone is guilty of occasionally being a last-minute shopper. That inevitably leads to crowded malls and underwhelming options. Save yourself the hassle. Egift cards can be sent immediately via text or email. That means that, within an hour, your loved one can have a gift right on his or her phone. Even if you two are thousands of miles apart, you can send a virtual hug day or night.

Text Gift Cards

4. You Can Shop From Home 

Sometimes, just getting to the grocery store is a pain. Between juggling traffic and your already full schedule, shopping from home is infinitely more convenient. Thankfully, you can buy and send egift cards without getting off the couch. And if you still want a physical option, you can print the egift cards you just bought right from home.

Printable Gift Cards

5. You Can Browse A Wide Selection

Buying egift cards online instantly doesn’t mean you’re limited to a small selection. You can pick from a variety of national brands as well as more niche retailers. With 200+ options to choose from, you can find something special for a special person. Just ask yourself what he or she loves.

New adventures

Great food

Streaming and Gaming

 There’s a perfect digital gift card for everyone.

6. You Can Schedule Ahead Of Time

It’s easy to forget a birthday. But with egift cards, you can schedule the delivery days, weeks, or even months in advance. That means you could complete a whole year’s worth of gift-giving at one time. And why stop at a birthday? Celebrate a whole birth month by scheduling smaller gifts throughout the calendar. Let your creativity flow.

7. You Can Save Money 

How many greeting cards have you bought throughout your life? Chances are that number is depressingly high. And now hundreds of dollars worth of fancy cardboard is slowly deteriorating in landfills. There’s a better option. When you buy egift cards online instantly, everything is digital and no extra cost to you. You only pay for the gift itself. No more overpriced greeting cards.