Employee Appreciation Day is right around the corner on March 6th.  Are you ready to show your employees how much you appreciate them?  The task of what to do or get them may seem daunting. But, it’s the simple little things that you, as an employer, can say and do that mean so much to your employees. 

To help you out, here are 10 easy and simple Employee Appreciation ideas and gifts that are memorable.  Pick one, a couple or mix and match ideas. 


  1. Hide gift cards with thank you notes around the office and break room. Put them on the coffee maker, filing cabinet, or doors with words of thanks. $5 or $10 gift cards to Panera, Chipotle, Fandango, Jamba Juice, and Bath and Body Works are always good ones to give.
  2. Praise employees out loud for all to hear and then hand them a $10 or $25 gift card to put the cherry on top. It will be a great surprise and delight for them.
  3. For your team, leave a gift card bag filled with candy, a gift card and words of appreciation. Pick a theme or just some of their favorites. One idea is a bag of Starburst candy with a note saying, “We’re BURST-ing with appreciation for your STAR-studded efforts.” Add a Chipotle gift card and why you think they are STAR-studded.  What a great surprise early in the morning!
  4. Buy everyone lunch today by leaving a food gift card like Chipotle, Buffalo Wild Wings, Red Robin, Panera or Jersey Mike’s on everyone’s desk with a handwritten note of thanks or better yet make them a printable gift card personalized with a heartfelt message and photo. You can custom select each gift card to show how well you know your employee’s.
  5. Give a total gift experience with a small good and a gift card for each team member.  A Bluetooth speaker for their desk and a $5 iTunes gift card is always a fan favorite. Some other ideas include a Fandango gift card with movie candy and popcorn, golf tees and a Dick’s Sporting Goods gift card. If you’re stuck on what to give, check out these gift card boxes already put together and packaged for you.
  6. Bring in donuts with a sign, “We Doughnut know what we would do without you!  Thank you!” Add a stack of low denomination Dunkin Donuts gift cards next to the morning treat for employees.
  7. Keep a stack of low denomination gift cards in your pocket with thank you notes then hand them out to all the employees you see during your day.
  8. Take a team photo and give a custom printable gift card to your team with a note, “We can’t picture our team without you”.
  9. Text their spouse, kids or loved ones a $10 gift card and tell them how amazing their spouse, parent or friend is. They are sure to get extra love from the people they care about.
  10. Be Sneaky Pete by giving them praise all day at work and then surprise them at home with a gift card via text or email. Create a gift card with a special message and picture with our templates and then schedule the delivery for later that evening. Let the system deliver it while you are at home. It’s a day full of praise, love, and surprises.