Gift cards are my Go-To gift, but I always have the same thought every time I give one… how do I make giving a gift card more special, thoughtful, and fun to open?  This question has started me on a search, and I’ve found a few great ideas that I want to share with you!

 Make a game out of giving gift cards.

Send the gift recipient on a scavenger hunt. I love this idea! Wrap a note to give the recipient sending them on a search for their gift card.  This can be a one or two-note hunt or more elaborate… it’s up to you.

The Gift Card Dash. Another fun game to play with the entire family and extended family. It’s scavenger hunt meets Supermarket Sweep with a touch of White Elephant. Click here to read Lou What Wear’s fun gift card game.


Customize your gift card with a picture and a heartfelt message.  Recently, a friend wanted to give her cousin a gift card to say thank you for the tickets but her cousin lives over an hour away. I told her to visit and text/email a personalized gift card to her cousin.  Problem solved!  We took a picture of us at the game, selected a gift card, created a card with our picture and a heartfelt message. Within minutes, we texted them a gift card. Fast. Easy. Fun!


Give a little something with the gift card.  Add merchandise or food with a gift card. Our favorites include:

  • Candy jar filled with candy and an XBox, Amazon or Target gift card.
  • Microwave popcorn, candy, drink, and a movie gift card.
  • Nail polish and a Sephora or Ulta Gift Card
  • Swell bottle and an Athleta gift card
  • BBQ sauce and a Home Depot gift card.

Don’t have the time to think of something yourself? Check out our gift card boxes for unique merchandise and gift cards in one box.


Make a special cardholder. There are lots of different cardholders you can make, just check Pinterest.  This is a favorite in our household.  It is thoughtful, memorable and the recipient loved it.  You can adapt it to any occasion, make it big or small.


Make your big gift even more complete with a gift card.  Sometimes the opposite happens when my big gift needs that cherry on top.  Again, my go-to is usually gift cards. There are lots of different ways to go the extra mile by adding a little gift card. See if any of these ideas get you motivated.

  • Beats headphones and Spotify or iTunes gift card
  • Airpods and a Best Buy gift card for accessories
  • XBox and Gamestop or XBox gift card for games
  • Grill and Omaha Steaks Gift Card
  • Jewelry/Watch and an Amazon gift card for a case or box and cleaning supplies.


I hope this gives you a springboard to make these ideas or a different one your own. Don’t forget a heartfelt message with your gift.  It’s always the cherry on top.