Teachers play a huge role in our children’s lives. They’re with our kids for 7+ hours a day, so taking the time to show them a bit of appreciation during the holidays or just because goes a long way. 

Unfortunately, a lot of teachers receive the same gifts over and over. While they’re always appreciated, you want to make sure you’re gifting something your child’s teacher will use and enjoy. Luckily, this doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. 

This year especially, it’s important to recognize the extraordinary work teachers do every day. These gift ideas for teachers fit every budget, and they’re the perfect holiday gift every teacher is sure to love. 

Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Teachers

You don’t have to spend a lot on your gift to show the teacher in your child’s life what they mean to you. The key is to gift something practical that makes their lives a little bit easier or brings them holiday cheer.

1. Hand Sanitizer or Antibacterial Soaps

Anti-bacterial hand gel or hand sanitizer is a classroom must-have, but many teachers have to pay for this out-of-pocket. Gifting a high-quality sanitizer gel they can keep with them in the classroom and beyond is sure to be appreciated.

Bonus points if it smells great! Don’t forget to make it look extra special by attaching this downloadable.

2. The Ultimate Gift Card

It’s tough to pick a brand that everyone likes so leave the choice up to the teacher. The BGC Card lets them pick from over 200+ brands, including brands like Panera, Chipotle, Bath & Body Works, Home Depot, and more. It is the gift card that doesn’t disappoint. 

Small-denomination like $10 are available, and you can easily print them from home. Choose a holiday coloring page eGreeting and have the kids make it extra special with their art. 

3. Smart Cookie. 

Make your life easy by sending a premade gift card kit. This simple, inexpensive gift card and cookie combination below reminds them that they’re one smart cookie! Include a heartfelt note to make this gift even more thoughtful. 

Teacher Gifts

4. Sticky notes, Sharpie markers, or cool pens

Is there such a thing as having too many sticky notes or fun pens to write with? We certainly don’t think so. 

A sticky note gift set is a fun way for your child’s teacher to keep their thoughts and to-do lists handy. When paired with Sharpie markers or cool pens, their desk will be stocked with favorites. 

5. Rolls of Wrapping Paper 

While wrapping paper might not be what you think of right away when you think of teacher gifts, it’s actually a hit. 

You can’t have too much wrapping paper for the holiday season, so a fun, festive pattern is sure to make their season a bit brighter. When paired with a cute bow and fun message, this is the perfect holiday gift. Bonus. Here's the free downloadable to help make your gift extra special.

6. Homemade treats

Teachers don’t always have a lot of time to treat themselves, so giving something handcrafted from your kitchen shows that you care. Whip up their favorite treats in a sweet package for something that warms their season.

Personalized Gift Ideas for Teachers

Teachers are skilled at making sure every student feels heard and understood. Add your own personal touches to these teacher gift ideas below to create something they love.

7. Thoughtful meal kit

Teachers already have so much on their plates. Many struggle to find the time to cook delicious, fresh meals at home. Gifting a thoughtful, personalized meal kit subscription gives them one less thing to worry about. Home Chef delivers pre-portioned, fresh ingredients to customers every week.

8. Personalize Over 200+ Gift Card Brands

Add a personal touch to any gift card with the custom personalization tool at buygiftcards.com. Easily upload your own handwritten message, drawing, or photo to show your child’s teacher how much they mean to you. The best part is you can print gift cards from home or send them digitally to their email address.

9. Photo frame

A DIY or personalized photo frame lets your child’s teacher frame the moments that matter most to them. From a classroom photo to a family memory, this is something they’ll keep close. Shutterfly has a personalizable teacher frame that’s perfect for honoring the teacher in your child’s life.

10. Ornament 

A Christmas or holiday ornament is a memento that’s worth holding onto. Have your child help you create a personalized ornament to remind your teacher that they shine bright all year long. 

11. Customized lanyard

Customize a lanyard with words of inspiration, a favorite quote, or thank you from your child. Teachers use lanyards daily to keep track of their IDs and keys, so this is a great, inexpensive option to personalize something they need. 

Last-Minute Gifts for Teachers

If you’re in a pinch for time, these last-minute gifts ensure you don’t have to miss a beat. Show your child’s teacher what they mean to you without the stress. 

12. Movie night gift

Who doesn’t love a cozy night watching a new movie? A movie night gift box is an easy way to remind your child’s teacher to take some time for self-care. To make a box of your own, all you need is a movie streaming gift card and your favorite movie candies and popcorn. 

13. Succulents 

When it comes to gifting plants, you want to give something that’s fuss-free. You can’t get any easier to care for than a succulent. Perfect for keeping on a desk, you can find succulents at local grocery stores, florists, and even online. 

14. A good book for them or the classroom

Teachers are natural bookworms, so gifting something on their to-be-read pile is the perfect holiday gift. 

If you don’t know what they want to read next, give them a gift card to Barnes & Noble so they can shop in-store or online. For an added touch, have your child make a DIY bookmark so they can mark their progress. 

15. Flowers

It’s usually easy to pick up flowers or a small plant from your local grocery store or florist, and this is a small gesture of kindness any teacher would appreciate. Pink roses and hydrangeas are the best flowers that say ‘thank you’ to a hardworking educator. 

16. Breakfast in Bed

Hit the local grocery store and pick up a gourmet pancake mix and syrup. They’re sure to love this sweet treat on a cozy morning.

Honor All Teachers This Season

If you’re a busy parent, it’s not always easy to know what to gift the teacher in your child’s life. Whether you’re shopping for a holiday gift or a special way to show support, it’s truly the thought that matters the most. 

Taking a few moments to choose something practical, indulgent, or thoughtful for your child’s teacher will go a long way to making sure they feel appreciated. How do you honor the teachers in your life?