Email keeps us connected in an increasingly busy and distant world. No matter what craziness comes our way, the people who bring us joy are only a few clicks and keystrokes away. We trust email to keep us from losing touch. So why not give gifts, too? Here are three reasons you’ll love email gift card delivery.

1. Email Gift Cards Are Personalized

Greeting cards pair your gift with someone else’s design and someone else’s words. But with email gift cards here at BuyGiftCards, you have the freedom to personalize the process. You get to:

  • Write your own message
  • Pick the exact photo you want
  • Schedule the delivery for a specific day and time

 It’s these little touches that can turn a present into something truly special.

Email Gift Card

2. Email Gift Cards Are Convenient 

Email just makes life easier. And that truth was captured perfectly in a recent Mother’s Day testimonial we received.

 “We normally send flowers but none of the florists could do it this year. totally saved us! We sent a gift card last minute from our home. The best part was it didn’t look last minute. We personalized it with a picture and message from the kids. She loved it.” Trisha 


3. Email Gift Cards Are Instant 

Your calendar is full of special days. Anniversaries. Birthdays. New babies. They don’t sneak up on you. But life is also full of moments you didn’t have planned. Did your coworker have a bad day? Did your neighbor lend a helping hand? Did your sister get that promotion? Email gift cards let us react in the moment. They’re a sweet, simple gesture that lets someone else know you care about them.