Is there such a thing as a thoughtful gift card? For some people, that phrase is a contradiction. It’s easy to think gift cards are impersonal but on there are so many ways to personalize every gift card. 
In reality, gifts are only as powerful as the thought behind them. No one knows your loved ones better than you. With our gift cards, you can pick just the right brand for them and make it thoughtful by adding a heartfelt message, a funny video, a cherished photo, and hand-picked professional card art from our templates. It’s these special touches that bring your gift card to life, transforming it from an everyday gift to something meaningful.

Thoughtful Gift Card Ideas

A thoughtful gift is different for every person. Though it can be hard to find the “perfect” gift, gift cards make it easy to keep it both useful and personal. Here are a few different categories to get your search started no matter the occasion. Remember, it’s always the thought that counts.

Something Practical

Gifts don’t always have to be over-the-top unique. In fact, sometimes a practical gift is the most thoughtful gift of all. Keeping the car on the road or helping tackle that next home improvement project may not seem like the most glamorous gifts, but they’re appreciated. 

Essentially, you’re taking something off a loved one’s plate and making their life a little bit easier. Who wouldn’t love a gift like that?

Home Depot Gift Card


Spa Day

More pampering is always better than less pampering. Help your recipient hit the pause button and focus on themselves. These gift cards will help pamper just about everyone! Let’s face it—we all deserve some TLC.

Spa Gift Basket

Night Out

Everyone loves a great meal out! So be that hero and give the gift of a night out. Dinner is on you tonight—yum! Because this is the gift of an experience, you don’t have to worry about gifting something they already have.

Darden Gift Card


Night In 

Sweat pants, family bonding, and time on the couch—what could be better? The only thing more fun than a night out is a night in. After a long, stressful week, give the gift of a relaxing evening at home with one of these thoughtful gift ideas.

Movie Night Gift Basket

Find Adventure 

For some people, the perfect gift can’t be held in their hands. It has to be experienced. Many people don’t realize that gift cards are a great option for those who are always looking for that next adventure. Perfect for the person who “has everything,” these ideas are always a hit. 


Give Back

What could be more thoughtful than a gift card that allows someone to support his or her favorite charity? More and more people are looking for unique ways to give back, so why not give the gift of goodness?

With a CharityChoice eGift Card, your loved one will get to choose from over 250 major charities along with many local causes. Save the environment. Cure diseases. Support the military. You can give the gift of a better world.


Chairty Choice Gift Card


How to Customize Your Thoughtful Gift Card

Anyone can go to the grocery store and buy a gift card right off the rack. If you want to show someone you really care, it’s important to customize and personalize your thoughtful gift card to help it stand out. 


Luckily, this has never been easier to do. No annoying trip to the grocery store needed, and you can easily customize your gift card in minutes from home with these tips below. Not only can your gifts be sent instantly, but they can truly make an impact. 

Add a Picture or Video

As the saying goes, a picture really is worth a thousand words. While you should certainly include a heartfelt message with your gift card, create something truly thoughtful and memorable by adding a photo or video. 


With BuyGiftCards, this is super easy to do. Once you’ve selected your gift card and denomination, select “Print” to choose your custom greeting card. Just like at the card store, you can choose a specific design created by our in-house artists. From there, personalize your gift card with an image or video.


This can be a photo of your child holding a ‘happy birthday’ or ‘thank you’ message, a photo of a handwritten note, a family picture, or a video of you saying your message in your own words. No matter what you choose, you can easily deliver your card via email, text, or by hand. 


Video Gift Card


Turn Your Card Into a Craft

Go above and beyond with your thoughtful gift card by turning it into a unique craft the whole family can join in on. With our new BeDazzled line, kids have the chance to be creative with each card. 

Choose your greeting card, add a message or phone, and print to let the fun begin. Your kids can take the time to decorate their card by hand using anything that sparks their interest. This turns your gift card into a gorgeous work of handmade art!

Your child can color, write a special message by hand, paint, add glitter and other extras, or just use the BeDazzled line as inspiration. This is the type of gift your recipient will hold onto as a precious memento for years to come. 

Printable Gift Card

Customize the Delivery Schedule

Another unique idea for your thoughtful gift card is to customize the delivery schedule. With BuyGiftCards, it’s easy to schedule your gift card (or multiple cards) in advance to send them by email or text at the perfect time.  

Whether you choose to schedule it to arrive in the morning of someone’s special day or send a different card each day for a week, this is an extra special touch. These small considerations turn an average gift into an extraordinary one. 

Include Extra Items

Last but not least, another way to make really thoughtful gift cards is to include extras. You can build your own DIY gift basket, care package, or gift with a bit of creativity. These don’t have to be expensive add-ons either! Here are some of our favorites that pair great with our gift cards:

  • Candy or chocolate
  • Beer or wine
  • Coffee cup or fancy glass
  • Candle
  • Self-care items
  • Bestseller book or new magazine
  • Cozy slippers
  • Throw blanket


Though simple, don’t underestimate the power of presentation. Wrapping your gift card with one of these add-ons above, choosing a gift card box, or making your own packaging is a thoughtful touch. 

Give a Memorable, Thoughtful Gift Card

Those are just some of the many thoughtful gift card ideas you’ll find here on BuyGiftCards. With the option to email or text, your gift cards can be thoughtful as well as instant. Whether you choose to create a gift card box yourself or to add a custom video to your message, there are so many ways to upgrade your gift cards to make them even more special. 

Too many people gift things others don’t want or need. By taking the extra time to think about what type of gift card someone would use, from a night out to a dinner in, this shows you really know someone in a meaningful way. Gifts are an act of kindness, so use this guide the next time you’re looking for the perfect gift card.